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Nic Cowper Photography

As well as being a painter, I take pictures and I am available for hire for the right projects. I take pictures of people for personal and businesses. I trained and worked professionally from 1991 using film, which although now seems like a ridiculous way to capture images, meant it had to be right first time.

Wedding photography

I shoot creative weddings, where the bride and groom don’t wish to feel they are part of a process and instead want to enjoy their day. The style is loose and descriptive.

Emsworth Portrait Studio

I have a small daylight lit studio in my garden which makes brilliant organic portraits.

And I can shoot small products using my extensive knowledge of studio lighting.

Family groups

If you don’t want the sort of photo where you are all apparently weightless in mid air, on a bleach white background, I can shoot small or large family groups inside or out. Organic, friendly, believable are my watch words.

A photo by emsworth prtrait studio family portrait 2015

Corporate and promotional

A picture tells a story, right? Can you imagine a promotional website without images? You definitely need photography so give me a call and you will see how painless this is.

School photography

Just like weddings and families, schools need photos that describe their student’s fun, companionship and learning. It is not just OK to shoot the scene, you must get to the essence of the human environment, if you want to promote, competitively, your school against the myriad of other schools. Here, like in most promotional activity, the photo is key.