#9 Seated Nude

Seated Nude, Watercolour

Paper = 11 x 15 inches or a quarter-sheet

Size framed = 58 x 49 cm

NOTE: Actual size.  Good quality photos can be confirmed on enquiry


Pure aquarelle watercolour onto Saunders Waterford premium acid free paper




Framed watercolour

Painting is supplied in conservation grade frame with UV70 high transmission glass.

Expressive and partly abstracted figure study.

I love this lady. I fell in love with her the moment she fell of my brush. I painted her without reference having spent the afternoon coaching figure studies with a class. She hangs above my desk where I work.

This was an early breakthrough in terms of expressiveness for me. As a result she got framed when I started my system of framing my faves (masterpieces?) so they would survive me and hopefully bring joy to future generations.

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