About Conservation Framing

If you love your art, you need proper framing

My gallery quality frames are made to the highest conservation standards

They feature all acid free materials, deep bevel mounts, Truvue 70 UV glass

TruVue is a UV70 whitewater lite with “reflection control” coating.

Pictures in conservation frames are free from Atmospheric pollutants
Acid free materials means mounts won’t leach acid into the work
UV70 Glass means less than 1/3  the UV gets to the pigments. Watercolours will remain true for many years but UV 70 means three times the life of a painting in ordinary lites.
Mostly, the colours of the painting glow with a natural intensity lost with cheaper glass.

A painting in a conservation frame is for life.

To find out more about conservation ask for a call, or if you are near Havant, come and see some for real 🙂