Do you want something distinctively yours?

No problem. I’ve created many works as diverse as a abstracts to landscapes to boats and pets. Because a commission is so highly personal, first we must meet or at least have an in-depth chat.

img_8429I will be very clear about costings and time-frames, media and any other issue you need to know about. Some things take longer than others so I can advise what best suits your needs. You can read about the costs involved in my FAQs, but typically expect to part with £500 for digital (which includes the printed material), through to nearly double for a large oil on canvas. My minimum fee is £350.00 for small-medium watercolour paintings like the horse and rider to the left.

So, let’s start the process! Commit to the process by paying a deposit of £125,  if you are confident in my abilities. If not contact me right away so I can come and meet you to show you what’s possible.

Click here to send me an email. Thank you I look forward to working with you.