Happy new year everyone!

We’re hitting the ground running in January with not one but two shows to venture out and see!

Oxmarket Jan 9th

From Tuesday 9th Jan I am with a mixed-artist show at the Oxmarket Contemporary in Chichester.

The title of the show is “Wave”.  Having traditionally covered that subject, but not content to simply bung some old stuff up, I’ve done a few new ones.

They are framed in inexpensive frames to make them more accessible, so this could be your chance to get hold of an original. However I do have a couple in my usual horribly expensive gallery frames, for those who got a fat voucher off their loved one for Christmas.

Tuesday, 9 January 2024 10:00
Sunday, 21 January 2024 16:00

The Lights in Andover Jan 8th

The other show is at The Lights in Andover from January 8th. I’ve never been here before but it looks like a great venue.

This short notice event happened due to a cancellation so will be populated by back catalogue.

There are a mixture of cheaper frames, plus the horribly expensive kind.

As this show is unattended, sales will be via my own website, visitors using a QR code to purchase. The catalogue is already UP but please visit to view before buying 🙂