Emsworth is a cutesie village on the south coast of England, between Portsmouth and Chichester. Unlike some other local towns it has survived in the older style, small shops habitat. It boasts greengrocers, butchers and delicatessens, so is very attractive to those drawn to ‘the old days’.

But Emsworth’s real magnatism is its proximity go the sea. It has a working harbour and sea wall, two sailing clubs and a yacht marina, great for a walk on a Sunday. Once Emsworth boasted the highest density of pubs in the UK, but some have gone, leaving only six in its one square mile. Shame.

Why do i live here? I grew up just down the road at Langstone, also cute, but not so well served as a town centre. I moved here with small kids after a spell in and around London.

Art has been my life, and Emsworth has provided me with adequate focus and inspiration to move my art forwards despite the pressure of having to maintain a house and family.

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Welcome to Emsworth, welcome to the south coast, welcome to Nic Cowper, artist.