The exhibition has now closed but you can still buy works direct from the site. Hurry tho they are selling fast 🙂

For enquiries about Jules Roper’s work email me and I will pass on your contacts.

This show curates the unexpected outcome of the lockdown period during the 2020 covid pandemic. 

While a period of distress for many in the artistic community, this show throws a positive light on a time of isolation. 

It is not a show about lockdown, it is a response to the circumstances caused by it. 

The show runs from Tuesday Sept 1 until Saturday October 17

In the Mezzanine Gallery at The Spring, Havant

Jules Roper: 






“Yes all these thoughts and emotions ran around my head as overnight I lost half my jobs and income! Then the sun started to shine and continued shining, so a feeling of delighted, excited and especially FREE took over. This new time meant I could do all those jobs around the house and garden that I had been desperate to do as well as loads more drawing work and experimentation with collage and hand printing papers.  There were days when demotivation set in and with the children at home, we made chocolate brownies and drank smoothies in the sun, reading books. Days spread into weeks into months into an endless time of creativity. 
I even started learning Spanish! 

The small biro portrait is of me screaming feeling trapped.  I have drawn this onto an envelope as such a small thing suited my feeling for that day but expresses an underlying emotion felt by all of us most
of the time. 

In my other pieces the titles I have given to them express some of the varied emotions and activities felt on a daily basis.

How was lockdown for you?”

Nic Cowper: 

For many artists, the 2020 lockdown was a challenging time but
Nic says it was liberating as well. 

“I lost half of all my income in one day, and had my most important and lucrative show cancelled. But I was given something in return: Time. 

I was trapped at home but given unprecedented artistic freedom. I had nothing to do so started painting just for me, for the first time in a long time. I was really able to work through my subject matter, not just simply react.” 

“I am delighted to present these few works that both tap into my current area of fascination which is of and about trees,
and yet have allowed me to push my ideas of their representation. I have included my last painting completed before lockdown”