It’s been a funny few months.

When lockdown happened back in march I was teaching three sessions a week with other classes at weekends. Suddenly there was a lot of time on my hands.

I started working on a couple of series of paintings with no particular objective.

My challenge was finding source material. Being restricted in movement I had to find a spot well off the roads I could spend time to get photos.

A series reflecting a period of “time richness” (read financial poverty)

So here’s my series. One of the series features a field with very young barley growing, another a woodland walk and a couple where I drew inspiration from my feelings: the feeling of being in a dark wood, looking out, and continuing a theme I had already started, following a path across downland.

I have really enjoyed having the time to think about these series, rather than my usual speedy reaction to source material.

You can view the series HERE and I will be having an exhibition at The Spring over the summer and autumn.