A wonderful experience in the cooler part of town

I was privileged to be part of this boutique show in the fashionable east End early June 23. Curated by a talented and ambitious promoter, the show featured 10 other very diverse artists. I was the oldest one there – by a long way!

I feel very much at home in this less commercial space. I reckon at my age I deserve the chance to try something new.

About the work

My interest lies in telling stories


These 4 portraits feature young musicians working with Music Fusion, a Hampshire-based charity specialising in working with young people experiencing challenging life circumstances. Through their work, young people are encouraged to use their music as a platform for positive social action. I asked each participant to choose five words that mean a lot to them.
The subjects feature just four of the many lives changed by Music Fusion.
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About the exhibition

Meet Pri, Founder,Curator and Host at @priartsalon

I see therefore I create

From water lilies by Monet , the bohemian nightlife under a starry sky by Van Gogh to the strikingly real depictions of the Great Depression by Dorothea Lange,many artists are known for their astonishing creations resulting from the observations of their surroundings. Whether it’s landscapes, wildlife, urban life, buildings, people or even just objects, contemporary artists carry on the habits of their precursors, although using innovative techniques, media or both to come up with intriguing images.

Images courtesy the artist and  the talented Matt Alexander.